Detailed Schedule

Here is your schedule for the 2018 WinterCAMP. People who've never attended ask about the schedule. Past attendees know that the schedule will change and sessions will be adapted to fit the make up of the group. We've got an arsenal of activities and ideas to engage and nudge you into new territory.

Monday March 12th - Arrival Day. 5-10pm Cocktail Reception - 

DAY 1: Tuesday March 13th:

PARTICIPATE = Morning Brain Stretch

PLAY = Mid Day Mountain Sports & Goal Achievement

ABSORB = Evening Knowledge Share, Relationships, Liquids

DAY 2: Wednesday March 14th:

PLAY = Morning Mountain Sports & Crew Exercise

ABSORB = Sustainable Topic & Insider Knowledge Share

PARTICIPATE = Evening Fireside Participant Presentations & Cheers

DAY 3: Thursday March 15th

PARTICIPATE: Performance Initiatives

PLAY = Mid Day Morning Sports Recess

ABSORB = Closing Dinner, Network Growth, and Initiation

Friday March 16th- Departure Day. Optional 'catch you later' breakfast 7-9 am

Contact us for any special needs or concerns.

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