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2012 Participants

2012 was an extraodinary year as we launched the pilot of WinterCAMP in Breckenridge with a group of 11 dynamic and thought provoking individuals. From the very first evening over cocktails we saw a degree of engagement, openess, and desire to learn that exceeded all of our expectations. The next three days brought laughter, tears, reflection, and a comaradarie between participants that enabled everyone get to the heart of things in a way that has produced lasting and meaningful growth for each of them.

A heartfelt thanks to those brave individuals who not only took on the challenge of WinterCAMP, but also gave us the feedback we needed.

Leah Thayer, Publisher

John Beeson, Director

Kaethe, Schuster, Marketing Director

David Fjelstand, Marketer

Chadden Halfhill, President

Peter Vujovich, President

David Lupberger, President

Kurt Nelson, CEO

Ross, Iverson, CEO

Michael Anschel, CEO


2013 Participants

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2014 Participants

Future participants are elected by the alumni of years past.  Let us know if you think there is someone whose name belongs here.