Coming to WinterCAMP for the first time can be intimidating. The schedule alone creates a nervous tension for some participants, and if you find yourself in those boots, that is fine. Roll with it. Everyone is on 'need to know' status. Real life is not mapped out hour to hour, and the ability to adapt, adjust, and thrive is a critical survival skill. Suffice to say your CAMP counselors will take good care of you.

REFLECTION!! - This year's theme is... REFLECTION!!

DATES: 3/12-2018 - 3/15/2018

Monday and Friday are travel days. You will want to book your travel accordingly.

Monday night starts with a happy hour gathering, introductions, our first work session, and a chance to go over the agenda, schedule, ground rules and answer questions. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are work days. Participants are expected to join the group at 7 am. The day ends around 10 pm. There is a 90 minute break in the evening for participants to spend as they see fit.

For a more detailed schedule, click on the link below. But remember, everything in the universe is scheduled to change..and everything is right on schedule.