An incredible idea, that was wonderfully executed, in an unbelievable place. Gathering industry leading minds together to push the envelope intellectually, physically, and professionally created an unparalleled arena for discussions, ideas, and personal reflection. My biggest takeaway -play with a purpose...if you can’t tell if you're working or playing, you're in a good place. It was very encouraging to see others not satisfied with [work] and understand how to play well and work hard at the same time. Camp reinforced in me the benefit of gaining knowledge through relationships, outside sources, and experiences. I've since added to, or investigated further, what I learned at camp. (read more)
Mrs. X
My mind has never been blown so thoroughly by any single experience. To say that WinterCAMP is life-changing doesn't quite do it justice. It is life enabling! I went home with a new perspective, confidence, and goals. Within three months I turned my team around and was able to lead with enthusiasm and exuberance. 
I no longer fight to keep work and home life 100% exclusive from one another. Most fulfilling on a daily basis is that I have spent significant time with new team members. I have allowed the team to provide feedback and make requests, assist and lend them tools and experts where needed; [knowing] teaching them "to fish" will pay dividends in the long term. Lastly, I have made my health, family, and friends a priority. That has certainly improved my frame of mind, brought clarity, and I believe increased my overall productivity, not to mention my attitiude. KS